I’ve often found that the least hyped places are the most enjoyable.  Andrea and I took off to Bratislava for the weekend because we wanted to escape the tourist hoards that descend upon Prague each and every day.  Every single person that heard we were going to Bratislava commented with “Why?” or “Yeah I didn’t really have much fun there” etc… Andrea and I, being experienced in the ways of negative travellers, ignored the naysayers and went with our hearts and minds open.  I suppose if you go looking for a party or expecting it to be on the same level as Prague then you might be disappointed but we were not.  Bratislava was a pleasant, sweet and user friendly city.

Walking in to Bratislava Old Town
Just Me…Enjoying dinner
View from Bratislava Castle
Devin Castle Ruins
Devin Castle Ruins
Devin-the town
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