I visited Beijing in February of 2011 during the Lunar New Year celebration.  We spent our days wandering the city, hitting up the usual sites but were somehow completely inept at finding an open Chinese restaurant. Starving after walking for several hours along the enormous imperial roadways, we would collapse at whatever restaurant we could find.  I can actually remember where we ate because it was so ridiculous for us to eat at chain restaurants while travelling.  The first morning we attempted the complimentary continental breakfast in our hotel but it was a whole bunch of nope, and after Flounder tried to commit fishuicide by jumping out of the tank and flip flopping round the dining area, we figured we’d cut our losses and head to the McDonalds and Starbucks nearby for breakfast.  We stayed at Zhongan Hotel in the back of a Hutong zone which is very cool but if I had been alone…not so cool at night.  The only open Chinese style restaurants we found on our walks looked like a fast and furious case of bacterial diarrhea waiting to happen. Regardless, our little trip was full of silly anecdotes, lovely and polite children asking to pose with us…in our pictures,  tiny little bare bums poking through open butt snow suits, haggling for beer prices, and spontaneous eruptions of fireworks.

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