OH CANADA!  My home!  While I miss the summer months spent in parks and at festivals there is nothing I miss about the months between November and April.   Quebec unequivocally has the best food, British Columbia offers adventure galore and wine, so much delicious wine!  In the North you can spend your nights watching the Greatest lightship on earth, Aurora Borealis.  The Maritimes has the seafood, the wild coastline, and those awesomely gloomy, foggy days that shroud the coast in the kind of mystery that scary, old folklore tales are born of.  Canada is huge and even though I was born there, I have not even see a 1/4 of what it has to offer.  I did however Greyhound hop through the country and have lived in a few different spots.  I have so much writing about Canada that quite frankly, I don’t even know where to start editing so please be patient.

I currently live in Montreal and recently wrote A Feminist Guide to Montreal for UnEarth Women.  Feel free to message if you want some travel advice about Montreal.

Marche Bonsecours, Vieux Montreal, Quebec

I am originally from Harrington Harbour, Quebec which is a unique, isolated, and hospitable place on the North East Coast of Quebec.

Down by the Wharf, Harrington Harbour, Quebec

I spent my formative years in Lennoxville/Sherbrooke, Quebec which is about 2 hours from Montreal, where you will find an abundance of Maple Syrup and the best Autum Leaf viewing around.

Hydro Dam, Sherbrooke, Quebec

I went to the University of Ottawa for 2 semesters.

View of the Rideau Canal and Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario

I lived-in Kelowna, BC for 2 summers (May-Aug)

Lake Okanagan, Kelowna, British Columbia

I have a love affair with Quebec City and a very romantic, unrealistic idea of what it would be like to live there.

View from above, Vieux Quebec, Quebec

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