I’m a wanderer at heart, most people live their whole lives content in one place; raising families in the same neighbourhood they grew up in. When I was 6 years old, my mother moved us from a foggy little northern island village to a small university town, bordering a small French city. While we were still living in the same province, the difference between the 2 places was immense. First of all, we were living in an apartment complex that held nearly the entire population of our hometown, and secondly, I had to learn how to cross the street and I was pretty bad at it, in fact my first grade teacher nearly ran me over. From that point on, I knew there was so much more to this world than I could ever have imagined and that was half the fun! My Grandfather used to pop by from time to time between his trucker adventures and bring us gifts; the most valuable gift I ever received was the giant children’s Atlas he dropped off one year. I used to pester my Mom to quiz me on the countries and capitals. I would sit on the floor, gazing down at all the colourful maps with names of places I wanted to go and daydream about seeing the pyramids of Egypt or having a picnic under an Acacia tree somewhere in Africa. As a child these little fantasies weren’t really rooted in reality but were more like little pieces of cotton candy floating around my brain space.

Flash forward a few decades and I have fulfilled many of these little cotton candy fantasies and turned them into tales worth telling. These adventures made possible because after leaving my comfort zone long ago, I continue to seek and grow, indulging my curiosities and letting my imagination go wild . My favourite memories from my travels are not necessarily the million dollar moments but the small interactions that melt your heart, or the sudden clarity of perception as you lock eyes with the horizon line and a wave crashes at your feet. I feel warmth when I think of where I have been and how every little decision good or bad, brought me to that point and allowed me the opportunity to see so much of our little ball in the universe. I can’t wait to see more!

I hope you find joy in your adventures as I have found in mine.

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