Quick Guide Amman, Jordan

First Impression: I arrived at the butt crack of dawn and to be honest, in downtown Amman, I was intimidated by the near empty streets and every second man yelling out to me. My hostel I had booked through hostel world was under renovations so I was left wandering the streets looking for a new accommodation. Nothing was opened that early, to even sit for a coffee and get my bearings.  I found a hotel and slept till noon, at that hour Amman was a much friendlier place, albeit a busy one. 

Where I stayed: Art Hotel.  Very basic but affordable, clean and quite pleasant.  They let me check in to the room at around 7am.

What to wear: I was there in October, it was warm during the day with a slight chill at night.  I wore jeans, a t-shirt, and my converse shoes to tour the city during the day.  At night I wore a long skirt and long sleeved shirt and a pashmina around my neck.  The main thing is to make sure your legs, shoulders, and chest are covered.

What I did: The citadel, the Roman Theatre, Downtown Amman Souq Shopping and dining on Rainbow street and the Books @Cafe for an evening drink and excellent city views, FOOOOD.  In one day, you can easily do all these things and more, if you haven’t taken an overnight flight and slept till noon.  If you’re wandering on foot then you’ll have plenty of street art to look at as well.

Practical tidbits:

-If you are an unmarried couple, you’ll have a hard time finding a local hotel, especially as a walk in.  My friend said they had booked at international chain hotels online and didn’t have any issues but at Art Hotel they wouldn’t even let the guy go to my room.

-Taxi’s have metres so no need to worry there.

-Amman is a city of hills and to get around on foot you’ll be happy to be a fit person.  Even still my calf muscles were screaming at me the next day.

-Eat all the Zaatar Manakeesh and Hummus you can find.

-If you don’t get the coach bus to Petra (I missed it), go to the minibus station and for half the price you can get a mini bus to Petra.

For tips and advice on Petra, read my post 10 Things I wish I knew Before Going to Petra

Off the beaten path: Downtown Amman Souq and Hashem the best Hummus Restaurant.

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”:  After a shaky start I wound up loving Amman and was genuinely bummed not to have more time to spend there.  I would like to visit the mosques and head North out of the city to Jerash.

I did the main tourist points in Jordan-Amman, Petra, and The Dead Sea, I wish I’d had more time to go to Wadi Rum and Aqaba. I truly enjoyed travelling around Jordan as a solo female traveller, I had one weird moment in Petra but I was not unsafe and it could have happened anywhere.  Otherwise people were friendly, respectful, and full of interesting conversation.

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