Quick Guide to Tangier

Tangier, Morocco (by ferry from Tarifa, Spain)

First Impression: Reminded me of Stone Town, Zanzibar.  The Medina area is a bit overwhelming at first, especially after dark but after a day it generally felt safe and a bit easier to navigate.

What to wear:  Conservative but loose and light material because it is hot and humid in the summer!

What I did:  Meander the Medina and Casbah, find Ibn Battuta’s Tomb, head to the American Legation Museum and Grand Mosque.  Drink Coffee or Mint Tea at one of the café’s in the Medina, hang out at Grand Socco and haggle for leather goods. Go to La Grotte d’Hercule. (Hercules Caves).  Head to the bar made famous by Jack Kerouac, The Tangerinn, it’s definitely become more upscale since Kerouac’s days which was disappointing.

Where I stayed: The Medina Hostel, so hard to find but worth it because you are in the middle of the Medina in a no car zone.  There is a rooftop terrasse where we brought our own wine and watched the sun go down, chatting with other hostel people until the wee hours.  The place was definitely bare bones and needed a face lift when we were there (July 2016)but I just looked it up to confirm the name and through the photos, it definitely appears to have gotten a face lift.

Practical tidbits:

  • Be wary of men offering taxi rides inside the ferry terminal as the price will be higher.  Just say no thank you, someone is picking you up and walk away.  Hail a cab on the street.
  • Do print a map if you are staying in the Medina and try to arrive during the day because it is a bit overwhelming at night.
  • If short on time, hire a guide or do a walking tour of the Medina/Casbah area. It was very humid and it would have been a long, sweaty affair if we hadn’t had a local guide; they also know the best places to eat.

Off the beaten path: After La Grotte D’Hercule head to Plage Sol.  From what we could tell, it was mostly local people enjoying a day in the sun.

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”: “Next time” I would definitely take a trip to Chefchouen because it’s not far from Tangier but we did not do any research before going.

 *This guide is strictly from my experience, none of the links are affiliates, I do not benefit monetarily from this guide.

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